colorful farmers market salad with whole lobster tails on a wooden deck above the rocky coast



John Derian shared his recipe for Summer House Lobster Salad with Bon Appetit magazine back in 2012. It was one of those recipes that I immediately knew would be a keeper. Many of my very favorite ‘things’ are treasures I’ve found at one of John’s NYC shops. I figured if it was good enough for him, it was probably pretty great. I was right.

The more I’ve made this, the more I’ve discovered it’s one of those salads where pretty much anything goes. You want as much fresh, colorful produce as possible. From blue potatoes to hot pink radishes, to curly purple lettuces. The more vibrant the better. The idea is to let the ingredients shine by simply steaming them. Make a quick vinaigrette, then serve everything with delicious lobster. Who says lobster has to be slathered in butter to taste good!

Everything gets steamed, all using the same big pot fitted with a steamer basket. You can prepare the ingredients ahead of time – just store them separately in the fridge. Or gather everyone in the kitchen and make the washing, chopping and steaming a group activity.

You could just as easily serve this with grilled shrimp or chicken, but I usually stick to lobster – especially if I’m cooking for guests. I plan for at least 2 full lobsters per person so that no one feels bad about really piling their plate full.  Preparing the SIMPLE STEAMED LOBSTER ahead of time makes this impressive spread super easy to throw together.



You could arrange everything on a serving platter, but I usually set up a “salad bar” in the kitchen – with everything served separately so people can build their salad exactly how they like it.

If I have houseguests, I’ll double all of the amounts below. Because everything is cooked and stored on its own – the leftover potential is endless. Make this salad once and it can keep people happy for days.

Serve this with a couple bottles of chilled Rosé and you’ve got a guaranteed crowd pleaser.


simply steamed lobster tails


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