Bloody Mary with a whole lobster tail and pickled asparagus.


Adding lobster to an already nearly perfect drink (the Bloody Mary) is a no-brainer.

I never understood a giant stalk of celery sticking out of a drink, but a whole skewered lobster tail I can get behind. What I love about this version of the Lobster Bloody Mary is that it’s something you can throw together in so many different ways depending on what you have on hand. Olives, gherkins, pickled asparagus and fiddleheads – you really can’t go wrong.

You can either use the tails from SIMPLE STEAMED LOBSTER or buy the tails (at a premium) from the seafood counter or market. For the Bloody Mary mix I usually start with simple tomato juice  (without any added salt) and mix in some horseradish, celery salt and maybe some smoked paprika.  You could use V8, Clamato, or even mix in some green veggie juice – think celery and kale or spinach. I sometimes throw in a splash of pickle juice for tartness. I rub the rim of the glass with a lemon wedge then dip it in a plate of flaky smoked sea salt and coarsely ground pepper. Sometimes I’ll add celery seeds or even some dried herbs like dill or parsley.

Fishing around in your glass for olives or pickles that have slipped off their toothpicks and disappeared into your drink is no fun. I prefer to serve the drinks with only the lobster tail and a sprig of dill – then put the rest on a  separate tray where people can pick and choose what they like most. Pretty much anything goes here – olives, pickles, peppers, even celery if you want.  Just add a shot glass of toothpicks and plenty of napkins. Mike’s Maine makes deliciously pickled fiddleheads and asparagus tips that make a great (and very “Maine”) addition to the add-ins bar.



lobster Bloody Mary with fixings



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