The Senter Family of Brunswick first came to Bailey Island sometime around 1892 to visit the Jaquish Shooting Club, a tiny cabin perched on the rocks above Thunder Hole on the island’s eastern shore. Like so many before them, they fell in love with Bailey Island and eventually built a summer cottage that they affectionately called The Gills.

Though I lived here as a boy, it was through Alfred and George Senter (and their beautiful homes – The Gun Club and The Gills) that I fell in love with Bailey Island. In 2008, I become the owner of these two special properties and The Gills Group was born.

The Gun Club became my escape from the stressful speed of the modern world. I began renting out The Gills to travelers who wanted to slow down and reconnect with loved ones and the natural beauty of Maine. As a serial renovator and lover of historic homes, I wasn’t able to resist when the properties next door (Jaquish House and Number 14) became available, and after extensive renovations, they became part of The Gills Group family. In 2017, I aquired the 100-year-old Red House at the head of Mackerel Cove. All of The Gills Group cottages have been lovingly reimagined using a mix of authentic salvaged materials and modern luxury details. I’ve furnished them with local antiques and art, creating comfortable, inviting spaces that feel like “home” the moment you walk through the door.

As a photographer and filmmaker, I’ve traveled the world and visited many beautiful and inspiring places, but I have yet to find a place that compares to the peace and calm of Bailey Island. I consider myself lucky to be able to share this magical place with you.

Photographer, Filmmaker & Founder