101LOBSTERS is my love letter to all things Maine…

My name is Carter Smith, and The Gills Group is my “baby”.  Named for “The Gills”, a summer cottage built on Bailey Island by the Senter family of Brunswick, The Gills Group is a collection of lovingly restored historic properties with sweeping views of the sea.

Though I lived here as a boy, it was through Alfred and George Senter (and their beautiful homes – The Gun Club and The Gills) that I fell in love with Bailey Island. In 2003, I was lucky enough to become the owner of these two special properties. The Gun Club became my escape from the increasingly stressful speed of the modern world. I began renting out The Gills to travelers who wanted to slow down and reconnect with loved ones and the natural beauty of Maine.

As a serial renovator of historic homes, I wasn’t able to resist when the properties next door (Jaquish House and Number 14) became available, and after extensive renovations, they became part of The Gills Group family. In 2017, I acquired the 100-year-old Red House at the head of Mackerel Cove.

As a fashion photographer and filmmaker, I’ve traveled the world and visited many beautiful and inspiring places, but I have yet to find a place that compares to the peace and calm of Bailey Island. I consider myself lucky to be able to share this magical place.

Which is where 101LOBSTERS comes in.

From fresh local seafood to exploring the coast and the creatives who are drawn to it, 101LOBSTERS is a guide to “my” Maine. It’s filled with the things that make me love this place so much.  I hope you enjoy reading about my Maine as much as I enjoy exploring, photographing and writing about it.

And I hope to one day see you on the island.

Carter Smith



101LOBSTERS is my love letter to all things Maine…
Jaquish House


101LOBSTERS is my love letter to all things Maine…
The Red House



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